Workers’ CompCoverage for Trucking

Workers’ comp insurance for Trucking can be hard to find and expensive in many states. Over the past few years, a lot of national insurance companies have quit quoting coverage for long-haul trucking and limited their appetite for short-haul truckers. Other regional carriers can’t provide the coverage required when traveling to other states. A lot of owner-operatorsend up paying higher rates for a State Fund policy.

We’ve been helping truckers find easy and affordable coverage for over 15 years. Our experts understand the underwriting requirements of the insurance companies and we know how to negotiate the lowest rates on coverage. That’s why we’ve developed trucking programs designed to help you get the best rates and most flexible payment options.

Do Trucking Companies Need Workers Comp?

Like nearly every other industry, a trucking and towing company that hires employees must either purchase a workers’ compensation policy from an insurance provider or through the State Fund. It doesn’t matter if your truckers work full-time or part-time—they still need coverage.

Without proper insurance, you may experience significant financial hardship or even lose your business trying to cover medical bills and related expenses out of pocket.

There’s no need to leave your business or employees vulnerable. Trucking company worker’s compensation insurance pays for any bills that may arise due to a work-related injury.

How to Ensure You Are Completely Prepared for in Arizona

But how much do you know about trucking worker’scompensation in Arizona? It isn’t clear what kind of information you should bring with you when you start negotiating benefits. Your best defense is to know your rights as a potential claim subject and be familiar with the nuances of the law.

Your Company’s Business and Industry Workers’ Comp insurance

What is Trucking Workers’ Compensation in Arizona?

If you’re a driver for a trucking company, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. After all, you probably have worker’s compensation insurance that covers most of your medical bills, and you make sure to keep your insurance coverage up to date. Is there anything else to it, though? Are there nuances to the law that you might not be aware of? The short answer is yes, but before we get into that, let’s examine how the law applies to trucking workers in Arizona. This can be due to the negligence of the company driver (who is considered at fault) or the negligence of the employee (who is not). If you’ve been injured in a truck or other heavy-duty vehicle, you may be able to claim worker’s compensation – but you’ll have to bring it to the table yourself.

We Can Help You Find Affordable Trucking Workers’ Comp Coverage

At Coastal Work Comp Brokers, we understand that the workers’ compensation insurance details can get complicated. If you have a business with 5 to 500 employees, let us help you make sense of it so that you can get affordable coverage immediately.

We believe every business in every industry should be able to buy cost-effective coverage. Even if other insurance companies denied your application, we can help.

With our brokers on your side, you can:

• Avoid the annual insurance audit

• Avoid lawsuits

• Lower your premiums by 30 to 40%

Have Other Companies Denied Your Applications for Coverage?

Unfortunately, many national insurance companies won’t even quote insurance policies for specific categories of trucking and towing, such as long-haul and short-haul, because these categories have a “high risk” label. If they offer a quote, the premiums are often so outrageous that you can’t afford the coverage.

As a result, you may find yourself between a rock and a hard place. How can you get reliable and affordable work comp coverage to avoid a worst-case scenario? CoastalWork Comp has workers’ compensation solutions to protect your employees and your business.

Our dedicated brokers will not turn you away or try to sell you something you could never afford. We work diligently to help you find a plan that meets your unique business needs and budget.

You should never feel like you don’t have viable work comp coverage options. Let our brokers shop for your trucking or towing business and show you how hassle-free the process can be.

At Coastal Work Comp Brokers, our goal is to simplify the way you shop for trucking workers’ compensation insurance. Unlike other brokers, we know how to find the ideal plans for businesses in any industry.

Our team specializes in high-risk, high-mod industries, including long-haul and short-haul trucking. When you choose us, you can expect to find the coverage you need at a fair price.

Do Owner Operators Need Workers Comp?

The answer varies, depending on the contract and your state. Most states require all truckers—regardless of their owner-operator status—to have workers’ compensation coverage.

If your company is subcontracting truck drivers, you can typically elect to include them in your workers’ compensation coverage, or the trucker can agree to purchase Occupational Accident Injury Coverage for himself. Either way, there must be coverage in place.

What is right for your trucking business operations? Our Coastal Work Comp Brokers brokers can help you navigate the often-complex guidelines for workers’ compensation in your state to determine the best option for your situation.