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Why Handyman Apps Will Trend In 2023?

Every home needs periodic maintenance. When you come home after a challenging day at work, you expect your AC to function properly or have a comfortable bed, not the creaky one. That’s when on-demand handyman app solutions come to mind because from carpentry to small device repair and maintenance, handyman apps have all kinds of solutions you need. 

2022 has been a prosperous year for every handyman app development company as people are now recognizing the importance of hiring skilled professionals to increase the longevity of their homes. Ensure that in 2023, handyman business solutions will also trend and thrive. It‘s not only the comfort that these services offer. It is beyond a simple exchange of services. 

So, what makes people go crazy over handyman apps? Why are such on-demand mobile apps in high demand?

Let’s look at the market size before discussing it in detail-

It is true that the pandemic affected the handyman business and affected its Compound Annual Growth Rate percentage. However, the real estate market has risen after the covid-19 restrictions are no longer in action. The need for home renovations and construction has also increased the demand for online handyman app services. 

The market cap of online handyman apps is $339 million in the United States. According to a study, it is possible to reach $1.65 billion in the next ten years with a CAGR of 17.2%, i.e., by 2032. 

Why Will Handyman Apps Trend In 2023?

As real estate prices rise, the constant demand for home renovation and maintenance increases as more people look for a property. Plumbing, electrical & mechanical grid installation, carpentry, painting, repairing, painting, etc., are essential home services that require the attention of handyman professionals. It is vital for their long shelf life and excellent performance.  

Economical Services

Economic provisions of such home services help end users and service providers in the long run. While you, as an end user, can select the best service providers in your locale, the service providers also keep the prices affordable for business growth. 

Service providers offer skilled handyman professionals who either have several years of experience in the field or are trained by other experienced professionals to provide quality work on time. 

Handyman service providers offer long-lasting and cost-effective solutions for users in various areas such as plumbing, electrical work, repairing, cleaning, moving goods, packaging, painting, etc. 

It helps users to maintain their budget and leaves a lasting impression that works in favor of handyman service providers. After all, a handyman business is only successful if users are satisfied and reorder in the future. 

Latest Technology Aid

In this technology world, the correct use of technology in daily operations helps end users save time and money and gives better outcomes. Handyman service providers can automate services and finish the job effectively in comparatively less time. IoT, Artificial Intelligence, nanotechnology, and Augmented Reality are helping people to get excellent services, periodic updates, visualize results in advance, and many more. 

In addition, these technologies help handyman business solutions swift their services, improve service quality, reduce unforeseen mishappenings, maintain data online, etc. In a few cases, homeowners don’t need to be in the field to get a live update on work, such as interior designing, home renovation, paint selection, carpentry, etc. Video calling, multimedia sharing, and audio calling help homeowners tremendously.   

Assistance to New Homeowners 

You may be unfamiliar with the local community when you are a new homeowner looking for some renovation. It is tough finding a good plumber, painter, or renovation services. Handyman services can help you tremendously at that time. 

Usually, new homeowners are on a tight budget after investing in a new property. They seek a budget-friendly solution that also offers quality work. These services provide a safe and cost-effective solution to their queries and save the time they would’ve spent looking for skilled handyman professionals. 

New homeowners can choose the best services and place requests in just a few clicks. Since the prices on the apps are pre-defined, there will be no chances of deceit and overpricing, turning it into preferable assistance for new homeowners. Handyman service provides multiple payment systems which help people that do not carry cash around. 

Flexible Scheduling

The best part of using handyman services is flexible scheduling. You can choose the service time and day. Handyman services can send the team to the location according to a pre-decided schedule. No paperwork or any signature is necessary every time you place a request on an on-demand service platform. 

Handyman professionals set a timeframe for the delivery of services and get the work done within the given time frame. There will be no delay and no chance of exceeding the budget. Like when it comes to various electronic device installations, handyman professionals get the job done in a day or two.

Painting, carpentry, cleaning services, fixing leakages, repairing, smart home upgradation, etc., are all time-limited professional works handled by handyman service apps.  

Systematic and Organized Work

Since handyman service providers offer skilled and trained professionals, there is always a systematic and organized workflow in the team. A team leader handles all the operations in management and keeps the client updated about the progress via in-app communication mediums. 

Video calling, multimedia sharing, and in-app tracking systems have given the advantages of live tracking, such as Google Maps for movers and packers services, video calling for home renovation services, etc.  

Handyman service providers also get good feedback and rating in exchange for organized and systematic work that help them grow their businesses and reach a broader audience. 


Just like food delivery, cab booking, medicine delivery, grocery delivery solutions, etc., have come on the internet, Handyman app solutions have joined the online platform to market their versatile services to a broader audience. It has opened the doors of opportunities for home service professionals and helps users to find home assistance within minutes. 

If you are looking for an experienced handyman app development company to build a mobile handyman app, it is the right time to start that. Do your research and seek the best technical guidance that fits your budget. In the coming years, chances are we will witness a boom in this sector.