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Use of Geofencing in Fleet Management

Geofencing is the most essential tool when it comes to managing your fleet. Through fleet management software, fleet managers can guarantee the security of the consignment and ensure that the drivers comply with the road rules. They do this by geofencing certain points on the assigned route.

Through it, the fleet managers receive instant notifications whenever the vehicles enter and exist. This allows the managers to track their fleet in real time. Fleet management software allows managers can use a geofence to bring visibility to their fleet. 

What is Geofencing in Fleet Management?

A geofence is like a virtual fence around a delimited geographical location. Geofencing uses this digital fence to trigger an action when the vehicles enter or exit this perimeter.

Logistics companies use geofencing to monitor their fleet and ensure the security of the fleet and the cargo. Since geofencing is a GPS-based feature, the fleet management software will allow fleet managers to geofence key locations and stops. These key locations include rest stops, client sites, customer locations, and state borders. 

How can Geofencing Improve Your Fleet Efficiency?

This goes without a doubt that geofencing holds power to amplify the efficiency of the fleet. Geofencing lets the managers know the fleet’s arrival, which is essential when carrying high-value cargo. It improves visibility across the supply chain. Fleet managers receive notifications whenever a vehicle enters or leaves a designated spot. 

That will allow managers to enhance schedules and planning. Logistics businesses might set geofencing for delivery alerts and receive automated reporting, which will help to provide better customer feedback. This tool will keep track of the driver’s performance and guarantee that they stay on track. 

What are The Benefits of Geofencing in Fleet Management?

Instant Alerts

The fleet managers receive instant alerts and notifications whenever the vehicles enter and exit the marked geofence location. By using the GPS tracking software, you can get real time updates on the fleet.

Vehicle Safety

Sometimes vehicles carrying expensive cargo have to go through forests or areas where the chances of loot are high. But through geofencing, managers will know if their vehicles’ deviates from the assigned path.


Geofencing can be used to mark points on the journey where the vehicles can stop for refueling or for drivers to freshen up. Preferred destinations can be geofenced so that the drivers do not stop at unofficial stops. 


Since the managers are able to track their vehicles through the GPS tracking software and calculate the time of arrival on the basis of the time the vehicle entered and left the geofenced area. This allows managers to share the accurate ETA with the customers, which leads to customer satisfaction. 

Route Deviation

Managers receive instant notifications and alerts whenever the vehicle enters and exit the geofence. But the managers will not be notified if the vehicle deviates from the path. This can have them to question the drivers. 

Use TrackoBit to Geofence Your Fleet’s Path

Geofencing is a virtual tool when it comes to planning and executing fleet operations. Not only does it help to keep track of the fleet in real-time, but the logistics company can benefit in various ways, like ensuring that the driver follows the path.

TrackoBit is a Gps Tracking software that offers logistics companies to utilize the efficiency of geofencing in ensuring the safety of their fleet and cargo. 

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