Top Renovation Tips  For an Industrial Style Loft

The industrial renovation is very versatile and easy to use. It can be used in many places, such as offices, restaurants, shops, or even retail stores.

You can give your house an “industrial” feel if you want. For this to work, your home must be large and bright with high ceilings.

According to professional Barrie home renovation contractors, Industrial decor is very versatile and easy to use. It can be used in many places, including restaurants, offices, shops, and even offices.

For this to work, your home must be large and bright with high ceilings. This is why this style is usually used for a specific type of house: the loft.

What is a loft, and how does it relate to industrial style?

This term is used quite often in real estate advertisements. This type of housing originated in the US in the 1950s, during a period of economic deindustrialization in some urban areas, where factories and warehouses were located.

A loft can also be defined by its three main characteristics: space, brightness, and an open design that allows spaces to interact.

Industrial style characteristics:

We will first try to define some of the key characteristics of industrial style before we give you any tips on how to decorate an industrial loft.

The structures are in sight

The nakedness of the structures is the goal of industrial decoration. Interior architecture and buildings are often exposed in the design.

Strong materials

In industrial-style decoration, materials play a determining role. Combinations are virtually endless: decor with recycled furniture can be combined with iron or steel finishes or rough wood.

Neutral colors

The colors you choose to decorate your industrial loft are important. This style uses neutral colors to emphasize the elements.

To create visual contrasts, basic colors such as black, white, or gray can be combined with brown and red tones.

Minimalist and functional environments

The industrial style is minimalist, like a contemporary design: environments are ordered and furniture and accessories are chosen with function as the primary criterion.

The following elements are used to decorate an industrial loft:

  • Wide open spaces.
  • Pipes, ducts, and other piping for ventilation, air-conditioning, etc. exposed.
  • Surfaces and structures are visible in metallic colors.
  • Concrete walls or floors.
  • Bricks facing walls.
  • Restored wood or aged wood.
  • Vintage furniture and accessories combined with modern elements.

Five ideas to decorate your industrial loft

Loft-type houses are ideal for industrial-style decor projects. Also, the openness of these spaces is perfectly suited to the large, spacious rooms, absence of walls, or presence of large, oversized windows that are typical of industrial-style decoration.

Some basic tips to decorate an industrial loft include:

  • Windows without curtains. If you have large windows, don’t put curtains. The idea is to see the enclosures.
  • Open spaces. Decorating a loft in an industrial style is all about this aspect. Also, remove any unnecessary partitions when renovating to create a functional space where the view is open and the lighting is bright.
  • Iconic pieces. Furniture associated with industrial style allows for the “coexistence of modern and vintage furniture while always betting on minimalism.
  • Classic Textiles. The best patterns for the industrial look are those with a worn or sober character.
  • Bright lighting. The industrial style emphasizes the importance of artificial lighting, which has its personality. 

Industrial decor is not only versatile but also full of personality. This is why it’s so appealing. These tips on decorating an industrial loft are sure to be of interest.

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