The Role of Patents in Gaining Ownership over Ideas

Patents are considered as the ownership over any product idea or invention. Patents are granted by the government of any country and can’t be bought or gifted. They give the right to the creators to stop anyone from using their ideas or products without their permission.

In today’s day and age when brands from all sectors of the industry from technology to makeup are coming up with innovative products, so owning a Marka patent can be of great help.

3 main types of patents

  • Utility patent – Utility patents are great inventors who create new or improved machines or products. These patents are in a long, technical document that teaches the general public how a new machine or process is used. Anyone who invents or discovers a new product, process, machine, or any helpful improvement.
  • Provisional patent – A provisional patent is great for people who want to claim a patent within a short period of time. Through this process, one can file for a patent without any involvement of informal disclosure, declaration, or any claim. The applicants of this kind of patent are allowed to even use the term “patent pending” for 1 year after filing for the patent.
  • Design patent – A design patent is very useful for inventors who are designing new products or designs. A utility patent and a design patent work simultaneously in protecting an invention, a utility patent protects the working mechanism of a commodity while a design patent protects its design from getting stolen. It is very useful for preventing any other person or brand from stealing the original design and making it in a different way in which the original will end up losing revenue. There are many places that provide excellent design patent services in Turkey.

Importance of patents in gaining ownership over ideas

Inventing something may be a design pattern, a machinery, a product, a process, or even an idea is not easy. It takes a creative and innovative mindset to create something unconventional, something that has the potential of helping others. So it is important for all inventors and creators to file for patent rights on their work.

Patents are only granted to inventors after much inspection to give them their right to produce and sell their innovation to the world for a certain amount of time. During this time span, the inventor gets the right to file a complaint against any person or company who tries to steal their product or idea and can also take them to the court. If any other company wishes to produce the same product or machinery then they will have to take proper permission from the inventor or will have to buy ownership from them in exchange for a hefty sum of money depending on the demand for the product in the market. 

When an inventor or startup owner is trying to raise capital from investors they can share the idea behind the innovation with the potential investor or the panel of investors, but this still doesn’t give them the right to steal the idea from the owner. Moreover, in today’s day and age, it is more important for brand owners to file for a Marka patent every time they come up with a new kind of product so that they can prevent other individuals or competitor brands from stealing the fruit of their hard earned work.

Getting a patent right gives the inventor the authority or monopoly to sell or make the product, use a technique, or distribute and sell the invention. But that is for a limited amount of time as when the patent expires, the inventor losses the rights of holding monopoly rights, and other individuals or brands automatically get the ability to sell or make or use their invention.

In some cases, an inventor can also infringe on their competitor’s patent rights by seeking a patent in order to prevent the competitor from making improvements in their own products. This kind of strategy can be very valuable when an owner is trying to bargain a tool when negotiating the agreement of licensing.

Overall it can be said that a patent can be of use to an inventor or brand owner in many ways. It can reserve them the rights of benefiting from a product for a certain amount of years till their patent rights expire, but till then they can not only gain profit from their hard earned result but also stop other individuals or brands from producing or using their invention as their own.

Key findings

If you are an inventor who has successfully invented some new product or process after investing their days then it is extremely important for you to file for a patent on your invention, there are many excellent design patent services in Turkey that can be of help. Getting a patent right will help you in holding a monopoly over the invention resulting in an increase in the overall revenue.