The Best Event Softwares To Boost Your Next Event

Organizing an event in itself is a tedious task and if you find it hard to select a worthy event software then the process of organizing an event becomes even harder. 

If you are confused about selecting a good event software to boost your next event then this blog would help you. 

In this blog, we have included some of the best event softwares that helps you organize an event that becomes memorable for all the people included.

So, let’s get into it!

Best Event Softwares To Boost Your Next Event

  • Taggbox Display

Taggbox display provides solutions for the creation and display of social media walls on digital screens at events, virtual events, in-store, and other offline channels.

Taggbox Display social media walls excel at attracting and engaging people, generating social proof, building trust, increasing sales and revenue, and much more.

In terms of design, Taggbox Display social walls are highly customizable. You can choose from a number of design themes, including those for specific industries. Colors, fonts, and backgrounds can all be changed. Add banners, stickers, icons, logos, and branded content as desired.

Taggbox Display also simplifies the management of your Instagram wall.

  • ConfTool

ConfTool assists you in managing the submission and review of academic abstracts and papers. It includes advanced import and export options, facilitates communication between authors and participants, and accepts contributions through customizable submission and review forms.

Depending on their needs, organizers can choose between two plans: one for smaller events of up to 150 participants with basic features, and one for larger events with a wider range of features. 

Organizers use the Pro package’s conference management software for scheduling, registration, administration, and invoicing, among other things, in addition to managing abstracts.

ConfTool is worth considering if you’re planning a research-heavy academic conference and need a reliable abstract management tool. 

However, it is not currently mobile-friendly and is intended to support only a subset of the event rather than serve as a comprehensive event management software.

  • Boomset

Boomset is a tool for tracking event attendance that includes check-in, on-demand badge printing, and a guest list management system. 

Organizers can track attendees with RFID-enabled wristbands in addition to allowing facial recognition check-in. 

During events, attendees can purchase merchandise, meals, and drinks using badges and wristbands.

Boomset is a good option to consider if you want to add a quick check-in tool to your current event planning software. 

If you are hesitant to use a special device solely for attendee check-in, first see if your event management app includes a check-in feature with QR scanning.

While this is appropriate for a large festival or a crowded event that requires quick check-in, you may not want to use a special device solely for check-in. 

If so, event management apps such as Whova, which supports day-to-day check-in, session check-in, session capacity, and attendance management on smartphones, are worth considering.

  • Slack

This popular team communication tool has also been used for session interaction at events. 

Slack allows you to create different channels for different topics within the same workspace, allowing you to have private channels for your team to communicate and public channels for attendees to use as discussion topics throughout the event.

Users can message each other one-on-one, make video and voice calls, and share files through the app in addition to group conversations.

A great way to stay in touch in the moment, but keeping any back-end planning organized will be difficult. 

While the ease of communication is a great benefit, attendees may find it annoying to switch between platforms. You might want to look into a platform like Whova.

  • ProjectManager is a cloud-based project management software that is scalable to teams and businesses and offers a method for organizing, collaborating, and accelerating project delivery. 

ProjectManager is an excellent choice for those looking for a solution that focuses on team efficiency and project organization.

While ProjectManager is not specifically designed for events, it does provide event organizers with a centralized interface of tools for managing schedules, tasks, and collaboration in order to make event project management more efficient.

It’s an excellent choice for project management needs, but it lacks a comprehensive set of features when compared to other event management software. 

Check out this solution if you’re looking for event tools like registration, event engagement, or speaker management.

Wrapping Up

When looking for the best event planning tools, your results may vary. Consider using one or more of these tools if you need a hyper-specific tool for a single event task or an all-in-one event planning software capable of handling your many vendors, attendees, and event spaces.

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