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Open My TikTok Following Feed Using a Web Browser

If you’re not using an iOS device to access your TikTok following feed, there’s another way you can view your TikTok following list – using a web browser. The steps to open your Following Feed are the same as for the iOS app, but you’ll avoid the app’s interface. The web browser is a great way to access your TikTok following list. Open My TikTok Following Feed


Open My TikTok following feed allows you to see who has been following you, and what they’ve been posting. You can also use it to find people who share your interests. To do so, simply login and open the application. To find users you’re interested in, just enter the user’s name.

If you’re looking to increase your TikTok following, you should focus on posting videos to the “For You” page. This is the place that most people will look first when searching for new content, so posting a video to that page is a good way to catch people’s attention. Once they like your video, they’ll be more likely to follow your account.

You can also change the videos you see on your feed to view the videos of the users you follow. You can do this by moving the red dot to the side.


You might wonder why you’re seeing a lot of unfollowers in your following feed on TikTok. It can be for a number of reasons. Your following number may be too high, or you may have accidentally followed a lot of people. Either way, it’s understandable if you want to clean your following feed.

One way to do this is to manually go through your following feed and check for people you don’t want to follow. TikTok is a relatively slow platform, and it can take some time to see the action take place. Additionally, you won’t be notified when someone unfollows you, so you’ll have to manually check each account individually.

Another way to check who’s following you on TikTok is to tap the ‘Follow’ button. This will show you the creators you’ve followed. Unlike the FYP, this is a more customizable feed that displays videos from the creators you’ve chosen to follow. If you don’t want to see their videos, you can unfollow them using the same procedure you used to follow them.


The Workspace in your TikTok account contains a wide variety of tools and information to boost your following. Choose ‘Creator’ or ‘Business’ from the drop-down menu and you’ll see a list of tools and information for growing your followers. For example, you can use trending audio clips to increase your discoverability and increase the number of people who view your videos. These tools will help you increase the number of people who follow you, thereby increasing your chances of getting more followers.


In the Open My TikTok Following Feed analytics tab, tap on a video post to view detailed insights. You can view how many people have watched it, where they came from, and the number of views you’ve received. The data can be helpful for determining which type of content is resonating with your audience. For example, you may want to try something new if your profile views are decreasing. While this isn’t the only metric to use to determine the success of your TikTok account, it can be useful to give you a good idea of how your content is performing and engaging.

The data in this tab can be quite extensive. But the good news is that you can narrow your focus to a few key metrics at a time. You can also view your analytics by category or duration. This will make it easier to determine how well your content is performing compared to your competitors.

Chrome extension

In order to get the best out of TikTok, you’ll want to make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Slow connection speeds can lead to updates being delayed. To check your connection, you can use the Chrome browser. It also offers a test mode, which will tell you whether your connection is too slow to view TikTok. If the speed is too slow, try connecting to a different Wifi network or waiting a few moments.