In order to always satisfy its users, Instagram offers them the possibility of creating a multi-account. This social network which consists of sharing photos mainly puts this functionality at the service of users since it is sometimes very tiresome to switch your personal account to a professional account. With this function, they can now own, administer, hold, and manage many accounts at the same time from their Android application. Buy Instagram Followers Nigeria with us and get real and active service for your social media account.

A new profitable feature

Dedicated to companies and individuals, the multiple accounts of Instragam allow them to have 1 to 3 accounts, a personal account, and others for the promotion of each of the brands of a company. It is, therefore, possible for companies to have several, linked to their activity or to the products they market. Regardless of size, all businesses often have a business account and a personal account. As for simple users, they will be able to manage many Instagram accounts for a single nickname. They are also able to instantly switch between the various accounts without disconnecting and reconnecting.

An exciting multi-account

In order to enter the multi-account feature, users need to navigate to Instagram settings for adding an account and click on the handle to switch accounts. As soon as they are connected to his account, they must press the nickname in order to go from one account to another. Currently, in the pilot phase, this option will only be accessible by users after a certain time, according to the manager. However, before applying it on Android, it is necessary to update the platform before connecting. This new feature is very useful for community managers as well as members of the social network community. Thanks to this Instagram initiative, they will be able to enjoy an exciting and profitable feature. 


After upgrading its desktop version a while ago, Instagram is taking on its explore page and completely reinterpreting the service with two major new updates. With the new photo social network update, you can now discover new emerging trends in real-time with just a few clicks. Indeed, now it will be easier for you to travel and discover snapshots of events or conversations whether near you or in the rest of the world. You now have the opportunity to experience an event as if you had been there. This is possible thanks to Instagram’s new “trending tags” and “trending places” features. These hashtags will allow you to facilitate your research to more easily follow a particular event. So, for example, you will be able to experience moments like #fathersday or #Valentinesday in all countries of the world while staying in front of your screen