How to Plan Gokarna Beach Trek


We picture towering peaks and rolling grasslands when we hear the word “trek.” We invite you to join us on the Gokarna Beach Trek if you’re up for a new experience.

You can also explore Gokarna package from bangalore, which is best for you and your family.

In the small coastal town of Gokarna, on the Arabian Sea, stands the Mahabaleshwar temple, a sacred location for Hindu pilgrims. Attracting visitors from all over the world, this charming town is known for its many clean and tranquil beaches. Trekking along the coast and visiting one stunning beach after another is the best way to take in the beauty and spirituality of Gokarna. Love at first (beach) sight is inevitable for you.

Explanation of Day 0 of a Sample Itinerary

Day 1’s departure from Bangalore is at 6 o’clock.

Get to the campsite around 9 AM (about) at Gokarna Main Beach.

Get cleaned up and eat something. The campsite is also a convenient place to leave any remaining bags.

Start Your Trek to Belekan Beach From:

The Paradise Beach the Half Moon Beach

Kudle Beach, Om Beach, and Dolphin’s Point

Gokarna Beach* Dinner Bonfire (depending on permissions) and Sleep for the Night* You can either take a night walk via Gokarna Town to reach back to the campsite or take an auto (self-sponsored) to reach back to the campsite.

Day 2

Get Some Sleep, Breakfast, Please Refresh

Get ready to leave the camping forever.

Take a trip to Vibhooti Falls.

Packed lunch

Stop for dinner en route to Honnavar Mangroves and Honnavar Hanging Bridge (self-sponsored)

Monday at 6 a.m., you must be back in Bangalore ( tentative )

Highlights of the Gokarna Beach Hike

Ten kilometers of incredible, adrenaline-pumping trekking await you at the world-famous Gokarna Beach.

Enjoy nature and wander the tranquil beaches of Gokarna, Om, Kudle, and Paradise.

Watch dolphins play from a bluff above Half Moon Beach.

Visit Mirjan Fort to gain insight into Gokarna’s rich past and beautiful architecture.

Brief Description of the Gokarna Beach Trekking Experience:

Approximately 8-10 kilometers of hiking.

Starting Point of the Hike:

Including Transportation on a Friday

This Saturday I Will Be Stranded If I Do Not Have Access To Transportation

Pickup Time (for those who have opted for transfers): Starting at 9:00 P.M.

Destinations Where You Can Be Picked Up (for Transportation):

Gorguntepalya (Next to people tree hospital) Indiranagar Karachi Bakery Domlur New Shanthi Sagar Hotel Near Sky Walker Yeshwantpur Hallimane Hotel Near Yeshwantpur Metro station Gokarna Beach Trek:

Gokarna, in the Indian state of Karnataka, is a veritable beach paradise, including five major beaches with calm surf and beautiful scenery. It’s also known for being a picturesque temple town on Karnataka’s western coast.

Plan a trip to the beautiful beaches of Gokarna, such as Om Beach, Paradise Beach, and Kudle Beach, and return home with incredible tales of your family’s fun and adventure. Take in the breathtaking scenery as you sail down the coast on the ferry, passing by a lighthouse and gorgeous beaches.

Details of the Event:

You can check into the lovely campground and freshen up in one of the tents, which can sleep up to three people in a two-person or three-person configuration.

From the campsite, you can watch the sunrise and take in breathtaking views of the peaceful landscape, where you can even see dolphins swimming near the lighthouse.

When you’re feeling exhausted from all that touring and trekking, stop for a bite to eat and treat your taste senses to something special.

Take in the breathtaking vistas along the Gokarna beach trek path, from Om Beach to Paradise Beach and Kudle Beach, and bring back some unforgettable experiences.

As part of the Gokarna beach hike, a pleasant ferry journey is included.

Discover the rich history and old beauty of the Mirjan Fort on the final day of your Gokarna excursion.

Who do we contact and how do we get there?

Reaching the Gokarna Base Camp:

Dabolim Airport is the closest airport, located 149 kilometers away. The trip will take about 3 hours and 21 minutes.

You can get to Madgaon Railway Station, the closest station, by car in about 2 hours and 37 minutes. It is located 122 kilometers away.

Suggested Meeting Places for Pickups:

It will take you 20 minutes to go 5.8 kilometers from the heart of Bangalore to Indiranagar, which is located near KFC Signal.

Domlur (next to the New Shanthi Sagar Hotel) is only 5.8 kilometers from the heart of Bangalore, and getting there from the city center only takes around 18 minutes.

From the heart of Bangalore, it is only 11.6 kilometers (or 35 minutes) to the Yeshwanthpur Metro station.

From the heart of Bangalore, you may get to Goraguntepalya (next to people tree hospital) in around 35 minutes, as it is only 11.5 kilometers away.

More Information about the Gokarna Beach Hike

What You Need to Know Before Hiking to Gokarna Beach

Also, in the event of a change in plans, we ask that everyone cooperate with the new plan.

Safeguarding your personal property, precious metals, jewels, and other valuables is a good idea. The company running the attraction will bear no responsibility for any damage.


It may take a bit longer to get there than planned due to traffic or mechanical problems.

Do not litter, thank you.

The camping and hike to Gokarna Beach will not provide any posh amenities. The operator is responsible for setting up the necessary infrastructure. Out in the open air is where we want to be.

Each guest must present a valid form of identification upon check-in.

At the time of entry, all non-U.S. citizens are required to report their passport and visa information.

Once the reservation has been made, the specific pick-up location/meeting place and time will be communicated.