How to find your perfect women’s blazer?

There are different types of clothing a woman must have in her wardrobe and a blazer is one of the most important components of daily wear for different women and different purposes. Fitting is what matters when you want a blazer that suits you well.  Blazer is usually made of thick clothing or wool and is a staple for winter seasons. Blazers come in fixed colors if you wish to buy from the conventional designs and if  your idea of blazer is a color riot and zany then you have a huge market opened  up for you.  Blazer online shopping is more likely because it is highly convenient. Online stores allow you to window shop for hours without being interrupted. The same cannot be said about the brick and mortar shops from high-end streets. 

How to find the right fit of blazer for my partner?

  • The blazer must be fitted according to body type
  • Hem of blazer must glade over hip-bone
  • Blazer’ sleeves must touch mid-thumb when your arms are down
  • Blazer fitting hugely depends on the sleeve width  

Perfect fitting blazer will depend on your body curves and contours. A blazer should not hang on you irrespective of the figure you sport. It does not matter whether you are fat or slim, the blazer you choose must not hang. When fitted right the blazer will show off your figure in a better perspective and if you are fat it will hide few pounds. Blazers are used by career women and students most in UK which also make them most worn by users. A perfect fit of blazer will offer free movement of your arms. If the blazer is over padded then it is likely bunch up when you lean on a wall and hit wall surface before your body. If your body touches the wall first then the blazer is too tight. The right fit is when the blazer pads and your body touch the wall at the same time.

Buy them online at cheaper rates

Stand in front of a full size mirror to see how the blazer sits on your shoulders and rest of the body. A correct fit is the one that fits body snugly and at the same time enable arm movements easy.   There are top blazer brands available from the online market and you will find it comfortable and convenient when buying it from Affordable sustainable clothing brands London online. Clothing market in UK is large, and competition has forced them to offer reduced prices, discounts and other free offers. It will work to your advantage when you want to buy a branded quality blazer or women’ outfits. For top blazer designs and affordable pricing you can trust   (UK) and you can get in touch with them on email