How to Do Home Polishing on Artificial Jewelry: 5 Hacks

Artificial jewellery is incredibly unique, vibrant, and awesome-looking, but maintaining this appearance can be difficult. In contrast to other valuable jewels, imitation jewellery set cannot withstand wear and tear. When exposed to different environmental elements like water, air, and even creams and lotions, it becomes tarnished. It’s important to keep in mind that imitation jewellery can become damaged if improper cleaning or polishing techniques are used on it. Some cleaning solutions could be too abrasive or harsh on your jewellery.

What should I do right now? With our tips in this guide, we hope to help you keep your beautiful earrings and chains in good condition.

5 tested tips for polishing imitation jewellery at home

1. Get a Basic Cleaning Method

Simple solutions will assist to keep an eye on the quality of jewels because they are delicate, whether they are made of gold or imitation gems. Put your ethnic jewellery set in a bowl of warm, mild water with a few drops of natural, mild-pH soap. If you have oxidized jewellery, a little dab of lemon juice or even little white vinegar may work wonders to restore its brilliant lustre.

Before you soak, check the water’s temperature, and keep in mind that soaking too long could result in various chemical reactions. As soon as the solutions have been removed, wash the area well with a dry cloth to remove any remaining vinegar or lemon. This procedure is the simplest when considering how to polish artificial jewellery at home. 

2. Toothpaste also cleans artificial jewellery

Take a fresh baby toothbrush and a paper towel or dry tissue, Use the baby toothbrush to clean any dirt or dust from the artificial jewellery set before gently patting it over the paper or tissue. Dust can be removed in this way without endangering the diamonds. Brush all the layers with a small amount of baby toothpaste, then rinse it underwater, pat it dry with a fresh towel, and repeat as necessary. Instead of using a toothbrush, you can use softer Q-tip buds because they are finer and will help you clear sludge in the tiny spaces better.

3. E-Jewelry Cleaners

You could occasionally be perplexed about how to polish artificial jewellery at home. You may easily buy polish for both gold and silver objects in these circumstances on e-commerce platforms. Remember that some common jewellery cleaners, which are generally used for cleaning, are too abrasive to use on handcrafted pieces. To avoid scratching or bruising the jewellery, simply dip the item in the polish for no longer than 30 seconds before removing it and softly wiping it.

4. Aluminum Helps in Brightness

Put a sheet of aluminum foil over a plate (Note: shiny side up). Maintain the foil with all of your oxidized costume jewellery. One cup of warm water should be added to the mixture of one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of baking soda. Put some in the dish. The liquid’s chemical reaction with the foil will cause bubbles to form as it rinses the jewellery. After washing it with cool water, towel it off with a clean towel.

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5. Spray on Coating makes you Shine

Using enamel sprays is a creative way to shine artificial jewellery at home. Try applying a clear gloss coat of enamel spray to your artificial jewellery. This is comparable to spraying spray enamel on your products to give them a uniform shine and prevent the metal from oxidizing too soon. Place a few undesirable papers on a table or the ground. Put your diamond there. Hold the enamel can about six inches away and shake it. Spray it gently and evenly over the entire surface. Avoid over-spraying; a little air is sufficient. Ensure that tape is applied to the stones. Don’t forget to spray the jewelry’s backs as well.
Given its high cost, jewellery will always require a few fast fixes to preserve its lustre. Try these strategies to extend the life of your jewellery. With our simple guidelines to assist you with jewellery maintenance, we at Swarajshop always give the best suggestion because we are the best artificial kundan jewellery wholesale suppliers in India.