How beneficial home automation system is?

We live in a scientifically advanced world where we get to enjoy several utility features that were not present before. In the last 2 decades we have advanced from tripod mounted camera to dashboard camera which takes pictures 360-degree and continuously to record a journey and the events you come across. A dash cam Riyadh is handy for drivers and it can take pictures of interior, and front and rear side traffic. The camera is fixed either in the front windscreen or in the rear side of the car. Sometimes the Dash Cam comes with an interior camera which can take 360 degree photos and send videos and pictures using 4G internet. 

Dash cam is also called event data recorder, driving record or car digital video recorder. The interior camera is shaped like a ball and is able to cover 360-degree.  Some dash cams are capable or recording car speed, acceleration, deceleration, steering angle, g-force. Voltage of power source, GPS data etc.  The camera can be fixed   on the rear view mirror or interior windscreen or it can be placed on the dashboard using a suction cup or adhesive tape. The rear camera or back camera is generally fixed in the rear window or on the back portion of the car such as the registration number plate. The video signal is sent to a monitor screen which is placed in front of driver.

The Dash Cam Riyadh is camera is capable of providing rear picture while backing up or eliminating blind spots. Overall quality of the picture obtained from the dash cam is full HD or 1080pix and it is standard for all dash cams.   If you buy a Chinese cam the resolution of the camera would be 1080p, 1296p or 1440p. You can have a high resolution camera in the front and a 720p camera for the back. The camera also comes in night vision mode and is served by an f/1.8 aperture. The camera can be attached to the electric system of the car or battery.

With advanced electronics and high speed Wi-Fi internet now we are able to achieve automation of home appliances and features. A smart home Riyadh now can record events that are taking place both inside and outside of the home from another location or city. You access control of your home automation features using a browser and internet. Home automaton is great for various reasons and some of them are:

  • You can control home appliances and devices from one spot. This is great convenience.
  • Providing optimum security to home. You can prevent theft from taking place or provide evidence to the law enforcement agencies after the theft is committed. 
  • Easy to add new appliances and devices
  • You can access and control home functions using a remote controller
  • Energy savings and energy efficiency. You can turn off the AC, Microwave, water heater, room heater, fans, lighting and other basic functions from anywhere.  
  • Increased knowledge of appliance functionalities
  • Saves plenty of leg movement
  • Great convenience for the handicapped and people with short memory
  •  Great peace of mind and relaxation knowing that your home  is under strict surveillance and you can actually watch the happenings while driving a car or sitting in a faraway place

Biggest advantage with كاميرا مراقبة(camera control) is that you can relax as for as breach of home security is concerned.  Biggest disadvantage with home automation is that you may become lethargic and careless because a security system is working day and night to guard your assets.