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Groom Like a Pro: The Two-Step Skincare Routine for Men With Beards 

Are you looking to perfect your grooming game as a bearded man? Congratulations on joining the ever-growing club of bearded men because the current beard trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon! But do you have the right tools and techniques to keep that face fur in tip-top shape?If you want to improve your skincare routine for men with beards, here’s a simple two-step process to start with!

Step 1: Wash It Up! 

The most important part of any skincare routine is making sure you keep the surface of your face and beard clean and free from any dirt and debris that might collect over time. Before you reach for your favorite beard shampoo, start by washing your face with a gentle face wash that’s specifically formulated for your skin type. 

Using a scrub or exfoliating scrub twice a week will help you keep your skin in great condition and remove any pesky dry patches or buildup.

Once your face is washed, make sure you rinse off the product before applying a beard wash to your beard and neck. Opt for a mild shampoo, as anything too harsh might irritate your skin and beard follicles. 

For men with long beards, you may want to leave the shampoo in for a few minutes before rinsing it out and applying your favorite conditioner. 

Step 2: Moisturise, Nourish & Style

When you have achieved a soft and supple beard after the washing process, it’s time to keep it nourished and conditioned with some of the best grooming products out there! Look for an oil-based balm that has hydrating and nourishing properties for both your skin and beard, making it easy for you to tame and style.

Apply a small amount of balm throughout your beard and use a comb to style your beard to perfection. Keep in mind, however, to use a small amount of product as too much might make your beard look oily or weighed down.

And there you have it! You now have all the information you need to get started on your two-step skincare routine for men with beards. Keeping your face and beard clean and moisturized with the right products is essential for any man’s grooming game! So take the time to treat yourself and look your best, and you’ll always be one step ahead.


Mancode – The Best Men’s Grooming Products Brand 

Do you want to groom like a pro? Men, who want to stay looking groomed and sharp all day, should look no further than Mancode. This brand is one of the top grooming product brands in the market. 

Whether you have a clean-shaven face or a full beard, the best men’s grooming products brand has all the answers for you. For all you stylish gents who need some facial care, the Mancode two-step skincare routine for men with beards will leave your beard looking sharp, neat, and presentable all the time.

What’s The Two-Step Skincare Routine For Men With Beards?

Mancode comprehensive two-step skincare routine specifically to meet the needs of men with facial hair. This includes using a good-quality face beard wash, scrub, and a good-quality men’s beard shampoo to nourish and condition your beard hair. 

The first step is using face wash to eliminate dirt and grime accumulated during the day. Its all-natural ingredients, like witch hazel and tea tree oil, reduce redness, prevent breakouts and promote a healthy, balanced complexion.

The scrub is the second step of the skincare routine for men with beards, and it works to cleanse your pores, remove dirt and debris, and soften facial hair. This also helps keep your skin from getting irritated from having to bear the weight of a heavy beard.

Finally, men should use beard shampoo regularly to condition and soften their facial hair. Natural and organic ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera, and other herbal extracts help to repair damage and protect your beard against further breakage.

Final Words

Gone are the days of over-the-counter drug store products, as Mancode is bringing men’s grooming to a whole new level with their two-step skincare routine for men with beards. Their products are all-natural, chemical-free, and safe for even the most sensitive of skin types. Not to mention, they provide great value for money too. 

Groom like a pro with Mancode’s skincare routine and ensure your facial hair is healthy, smooth, and, most of all – looking sharp all day long.