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Get To Know Kay Flock: The Pioneer Of Age Diversity In Tech

Introduction to Kay Flock

Kay Flock is the CEO and co-founder of The Athena Alliance, an organization that champions age diversity in the tech industry. Kay is a passionate advocate for changing the face of tech and believes that age diversity is critical to innovation.

Kay has spent her career in the tech industry, most recently as the Chief People Officer at Box. She has also held leadership roles at Twitter, Yahoo, and Google. Kay is a O’Reilly Media Fellow and a recipient of the Human Resources Executive HR Game Changer Award.

In her role at The Athena Alliance, Kay works to bring together diverse voices in order to create positive change in the tech industry. She is a powerful voice for change and is committed to making the tech industry more inclusive for everyone.


Flock’s journey in the tech industry

Kay Flock is a pioneer in the tech industry when it comes to age diversity. She’s the founder of Agein, a company that provides software and services to help businesses better understand, engage with, and support employees of all ages.

Flock has been working in the tech industry for over 20 years, and she’s seen firsthand how ageism can impact employees of all ages. “There’s this perception that if you’re not young, you’re not good enough,” she says. “That’s just not true.”

Flock is on a mission to change the way businesses view age diversity, and she’s making progress. Agein recently launched its first product, an employee engagement platform that helps businesses collect data on employees’ ages, genders, races, and other demographics. The platform also offers tools for diversity and inclusion training, as well as communication and resource sharing between employees of different ages.

“Our goal is to help businesses create more inclusive environments where everyone can feel valued and supported,” says Flock. “When businesses invest in age diversity, they’re investing in the future of their workforce.”

The founding of Age Diversity in Tech

The founding of Age Diversity in Tech began when Kay Flock, a baby boomer, was working in the tech industry and saw a lack of age diversity. This motivated her to start a company that would promote age diversity in the tech industry. She has been working hard to make this happen ever since.

Flock’s company, Age Diversity in Tech, is the first and only organization dedicated to promoting age diversity in the tech industry. The company hosts events, offers resources, and advocates for change within the industry. They also offer consulting services for companies who want to improve their age diversity.

Flock’s work is important because it helps break down barriers that prevent people of all ages from working in tech. Her goal is to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

What Age Diversity in Tech does

Kay Flock is the founder of Age Diversity in Tech, a non-profit that advocates for age diversity in the tech industry. She is also the co-founder of Working Wisdom, a website that provides advice and resources for older workers.

Age diversity in tech does many things, but its main goal is to increase the visibility of older workers in the tech industry. It does this by providing resources and support for older workers, advocating for age diversity in hiring practices, and working to change the perception of aging in the tech industry.

Increasing the visibility of older workers in tech is important because it helps to break down stereotypes about aging and show that older workers can be just as competent and innovative as their younger counterparts. In addition, it can help to address the skills gap that exists in many industries by bringing more experienced workers into the field. Age diversity in tech also seeks to improve working conditions for older workers. This includes addressing issues like ageism and unequal pay, ensuring that older workers have access to training and development opportunities, and providing support for those who want to stay in the workforce after retirement.

How Age Diversity in Tech is making a difference

The tech industry is one of the most rapidly growing and changing industries in the world. As the industry expands, so does the demand for workers with a wide range of skillsets. This has led to an increase in age diversity in the tech workforce.

Age diversity in tech is making a difference because it allows companies to tap into a wider pool of talent. It also helps to create a more well-rounded and innovative workplace. By having employees of all ages working together, companies can benefit from different perspectives and ideas. Age diversity in tech can also help to improve retention rates. older workers tend to be more loyal to their employers and are less likely to leave for another job. This can lead to lower turnover rates and reduced costs for companies.

Overall, age diversity in tech is making a positive impact on the industry as a whole. Companies that embrace this trend will be better positioned to succeed in the future.


Kay Flock is a powerful example of what age diversity can bring to the tech industry. Her incredible story highlights just how far hard work and dedication can take you, no matter what your age may be. We should all strive to follow in her footsteps and become advocates for more inclusivity within the technology sector, so that people of all ages have an equal opportunity to share their skills and knowledge. With Kay’s example as our inspiration, let’s make sure we create an even playing field within the tech world!