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Lebanese cuisine evokes a kaleidoscope of sensory elements: from the aromatic, spicy scents of cinnamon, cumin, thyme, and roasted meat to the straightforward, refreshing notes of green leafy herbs, zesty lemon, and garlic.They complement the savory cuisine with bright touches of citrus sumac, earthy za’atar, and the floral sweetness of golden honey desserts. Favouritetable helps you find the best of the best Lebanese restaurants in The UK.

Mira Lebanese Restaurant

This is the best spot near the Warren Street maze. If you like Lebanese food, you should visit this restaurant. Enjoy perfectly cooked falafel, lamb chops, and hummus at Mira Lebanese restaurant. Following the opinions of the guests, the waiters offer good wine. This place is known for its excellent service and friendly staff, always ready to help. You pay attractive prices for your food. The spectacular atmosphere gives a relaxed feel to a guest’s stay at this place.

Shawarma Grill

Many visitors try good chicken shawarma, lamb salads, and chicken wraps. Shawarma Grill with take-out food is suitable for customers who want to grab a quick snack. The helpful staff accurately captures the atmosphere and personality of this location. Professional service is something guests love to see here. The prices are low for the quality you get.

Zena restaurant

Zena restaurant is an authentic Middle Eastern family business in Burton Road, Manchester. They use only the freshest ingredients to provide pure satisfaction in every bite. Their cuisine includes a wide variety of delicious dishes filled with various aromatic herbs and spices, which can assure you that there is an option for every individual. Food comes in all textures, from light ones with a slight crunch to soft and rich ones. They also ensure their restaurant is the perfect place to dine with friends and family, offer delivery services from their lavish kitchen right to your door, and you can even order online.

Beirut Lebanese Cuisine

This restaurant has been in business since the late 1980s and enjoys a solid reputation among locals and regulars for its simple and delicious Lebanese cuisine. There is a real sense of comfort and reassurance provided by both the friendly service and the reasonable prices. The menu is packed with herb salads, rice dishes, charred meats, and an excellent selection of desserts.

Leila Moroccan and Lebanese Restaurant

Both Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine can be ordered at this restaurant. Sample well-prepared chicken skewers, grilled lamb, and sea bass to form your opinion of Leila’s Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine. The must-try dish is the delicious baklava. This place offers you good house wine, Lebanese beer, or Prosecco. Enjoy an excellent mint tea, a Lebanese coffee, or a lemonade. Grocery delivery is a big plus of this place. Service is supposed to be nice here. The prices in this restaurant are worth attention as they are average. You will certainly appreciate the excellent atmosphere and the pretty decoration.

Beauty Lebanese Restaurant

The menu of Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine under the direction of the famous chef is excellent at this place. You can order tasty hummus, grilled chicken, and salads at Beauty. Many visitors say the waiters here offer good baklava, pudding, and ice cream. This place provides a delicious selection of beers. Here you can drink delicious Lebanese coffee, lemonade, or mint tea. Here you can order takeaway dishes. Friendly staff work hard, stay positive and make this place great. To experience excellent service you have to go to this restaurant.


Lebanon’s variety of fresh fruit makes them popular after-dinner desserts. Melon, apples, oranges, mandarins, persimmons, grapes, and figs are excellent delicacies. Baklava, a sweet and flaky pastry, is most commonly associated with Greek cuisine. The Lebanese have embraced the dessert and usually prepare it with pistachios sprinkled with rose water syrup (the Greeks use nuts and honey).

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