9 Best Men’s Fashion Brands You Need To Know

Fashion is growing like crazy in India. And so with the rapid increase in fashion and new trends, there’s a rise in fashion brands as well. Fashion designers have got the opportunity to leave a mark of their fashion sense on the world. Of Course, with the upcoming of new brands, it is tough for people to choose which brand to shop from in order to have their favorites in their wardrobe. And which clothing item to opt for which occasion, for example, a traditional kurta for men will be suitable for creating any festive look, for a casual look go for a solid shirt along with skinny jeans and so on.

Perfect fit, durability, material, design, etc. plays an important role when any individual chooses a fit for themselves. These factors help any individual to portray themselves in front of others and how attractive they will look also depends on these factors.

Men and Their “Styling Comfort”

Shopping from top brands and recognizing which brand suits your personality with the outfit they sell is really important. Men have always been choosy and their first priority while shopping for any apparel is comfort. They love to create a fashion statement but that should include comfort as well.

We have some top brands that will ensure your shopping is worth each penny. These brands will definitely disappoint you. They are mostly the go-to brands of almost all Indian men as they provide you with the best clothing items that are definitely needed in any man’s wardrobe. From ankle-length jeans for men to shirts, and t-shirts, to kurtas, nightwear, gym wear and so much more. 

9 Fashion Brands, You Need To Visit:

1. Fabindia 

Fabindia was started by an American in 1960, John Bissel who was so impressed with the arts and crafts of India. Back in the eighties sold garments that were hand-woven and hand-printed. They extended their brand by selling textile products as well as non-textile products- handcrafted jewelry, personal care products, and organic foods. 

This brand sells complete ethnic wear for men, women, and kids. They also sell soft furnishings like rugs and bed covers, and natural materials, and some are locally sourced, which makes them one of the unique fashion brands in India. Even sell quality at an affordable range.

2. Raymond 

This brand exports suiting textiles worldwide. Raymond Bening one of the largest garment brands in India has had its position intact since it was founded back in 1925. The success of the company is to adapting to what is new and keeping up with the trends. Raymond has a remarkable contribution to the denim market by selling ring denim to the most prestigious clothing or jeans companies. 

This brand has also taken an initiative in welfare-driven activities in India such as education, cattle breeding, tailoring initiative etc. 

3. Flying Machine 

Flying machine has been offering fashion and trendy clothing items to a wide range of Indians since 1980. This brand is known best for its high-quality streetwear, one of the go-to brands of all Indian teens. 

Their eye-pleasing collection includes a wide range of t-shirts, jeans, turtlenecks, polo shirts, and much more. This brand also provides you with accessories such as sunglasses and bag that will compliment your outfit so well. 

4. Tistabene 

One of the best clothing brands in India was established by the young entrepreneur Siddharth Dadra back in 2017. Tistabene is an Italian word that stands out with a beautiful tagline-  ‘Looks Good On You.’

Tistabene provides you with all kinds of mens apparel, from shirts to jeans, to joggers, to solid shirts, to gym wear, to night wear, etc. It also provides you with a traditional kurta for men for you to have that ethnic look. They use the nicest of fabrics to tailor their clothes which are both stylish as well as comfortable to wear. Tistabene is a one-stop destination for all. Staying true to its promise and keeping up with the trends, Tistabne makes such apparel that indeed will look good on you. 

5. Mufti 

Mr. Kamal Kushani started this brand with the intention of providing unusual clothing apparels to the Indian market back in 1998. They undoubtedly became the brand that made clothing items for men that stood out from other fashion brands.

Mufti is the first brand in India to introduce cutting-edge fashion for men. In no time Mufti with its new fashion statements was adopted not only by teenagers or college students but also by many celebrities.  

6.  Wrangler

Wrangler has been one of the popular fashion brands for both men and women since 1904. They have a wide collection of western wear, footwear and denim shirts. They also produce accessories like caps, belts, and socks.  

Wrangler clothes are popular among Indian teens and working professionals. It is one of the most affordable and stylish clothing brands of India. 

7. Zara

Undoubtedly Zara is one of the best clothing brands in India. Amancio Ortega Gaona and Rosalia Mera founded the brand. It has 2270 stores around the world and also deals in online shopping. It is a brand for both adults and kids. Apart from clothing items they also offer you footwear, perfumes, swimwear, beauty, accessories, etc. 

8. Van Heusen

One of the oldest Indian clothing fashion brands was founded by Moses Phillips, John Van Heusen, and Dramin Jones back in 1881. This brand is suitable for shirts and formal wear for men. They serve in 3 major categories as Formal shirts, Casual shirts, and Formal trousers. This brand not only sells men’s outfits but also includes fashion wear for women which comprises neckwear, pants, polo shirts, and many more. This brand provides you with both elegant and stylish clothes. 

9. Levi’s

This brand has been a go-to brand when it comes to buying denim jeans. It was founded by Levi Strauss somewhere around in 1853. Levi Strauss invented denim for miners. Levi’s came to India in 1995. They create casual clothing items for both men and women along with premium denim jeans and other garments. 

Levi’s is one of the best clothing brands in India recognized globally. 

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