Car maintenance checklist to keep it in mint condition

Vehicle maintenance offers security and safety, adaptability for the environment, and improved fuel economy as well. There is a critical count of particulars that you need to ensure to ascertain that a car is and will always be working.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind at the time of car maintenance.

1. Tires

To go safely and smoothly on a long route, the tires of your car must be in an excellent state. Moreover, if the tires are in extremely bad condition, your car will consume far more fuel. Therefore, make sure to get your tires reviewed on a routine basis from any tire change shop in Dubai.

2. Fluid Level

There are distinct types of vehicle fluids that serve various purposes, and maintaining their level is important for your car to be in a functional condition. Always remember to check these when getting your car maintenance done. Other than engine oil and coolant, these fluids include power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid etc.

3. Coolant Level/Engine Oil Level

If you are going to transform your coolant, it’s crucial to drain the rest of the system fully of the old fluids before you put in a new mix. Not all coolant is created equal, so it is significant to go with what your owners’ manual recommends.

When replacing your coolant, it is very important that you make use of distilled water only when you top-up or refill your reservoir. If you’re simply topping up, don’t fill your reservoir with premix or concentrate; instead, use distilled water to keep the level from going below the minimum.

A coolant flush is recommended every 160,000 km or 10 years. Depending on the model, the interval may be shorter than that. Manufacturers do indicate the interval in the owners’ manual. When flushing your cooling system or radiator, you need to run through some coolant flush to get the gunk out of the system, then drain the old liquid out.

4. Spark Plugs

The role of spark plugs is to strike the air mixture and gas that fuels a car. Your car’s engine may relinquish its power and stop working properly if these plugs aren’t working appropriately. Therefore, if you look forward to your car functioning properly, these plugs should be checked on a routine basis as well as maintained.

5. Air Filter

This filtration is significantly important to enhance the engine’s life. So, make sure to get the filter’s service accomplished at the time of maintenance. The air filter regulates the airflow in the engine of your car, filtering out all the pollutants, including debris and other small particles.

6. Brakes

No one can deny the significance of brakes in a car. They’re very important for driving a car. Without them, you can’t halt your car while driving or in case of an emergency. So, always try to get the brakes verified at the point of car maintenance.

7. Lights

All of them keep their separate significance in a car’s lighting system. So at the time of car maintenance, it’s compulsory to get them checked and cleaned as well. 

8. Battery/Generator

Battery and generator performance must be added to your checklist, as without a good battery, the car can’t get started, and without a good generator, the battery can’t be charged properly. So, don’t ignore to get these inspected at regular intervals.

9. Wipers

When you’re getting your vehicle maintenance fulfilled, make sure to get its motor repaired and the blades transformed in case they are damaged or not working properly. Wipers are very important to keep your windscreen clean for promising visibility. By having your wipers checked and cleaned on a routine basis, you can avoid the risk of accidents due to poor view of the road, nearby vehicles, or those walking on the roadside.

10. Car Polishing

Polishing also supports lessening the impression of water spots or weakened paint from the impact of acid rain. Wax and polish have to work hand in hand to give a car a top-of-the-line shine. Car Polishing helps to mask imperfections on the surface so that small dents and scratches are less noticeable.

To sum it up, properly maintaining your vehicle will not only ensure its safety and dependability but may also increase fuel efficiency as well as help maintain your vehicle’s value. It is recommended to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual and follow its preventive vehicle maintenance schedule.