Brahmatal Trek : Best time to visit and Complete itinerary

Brahmatal Climate

Brahmatal trek is one of the most popular winter treks in the nation because of its difficult but tolerable climate. While many high-altitude treks in northern India are closed during the winter months due to unfavourable weather, Brahmatal offers adventure seekers an unmatched experience with nighttime lows of minus 15 degrees Celsius in January and February.

The Brahmatal’s temperature makes it the perfect winter hiking and camping trail. As you advance towards the trek’s summit, the snow trek offers breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains. The trek, which departs from Kathgodam, is available all year long and offers a pleasant route through lovely oak and rhododendron forests in April and May when the flora is in full bloom.

It’s breathtaking to see the lush greenery set against the snow-capped mountains. Enjoy the natural beauty all around you as you embark on a journey of self-discovery on this challenging 12,100-foot trek.

Any time of year can be used for trekking in Brahmatal thanks to its favourable weather. The Brahmatal weather is ideal for testing your mettle and providing you with an exciting journey through the Himalayas in Uttarakhand when it comes to winter trekking.


The summit, which is located at an elevation of 12,100 feet, experiences extreme cold in January and February, when lows can reach minus 15 degrees and the weather can become rough due to the biting cold. However, during the winter, you will be able to see frozen lakes and snow as you make your way to the summit, providing an unmatched sense of adventure.

Although the weather along the trek is typically cold throughout the year, the best time to visit Brahmatal is between the months of May and June, when the temperature ranges. The rhododendron and oak forests will enchant you during the pleasant months of May and June as you travel the 22 km of the trek through them.

The Brahmatal temperature is typically ideal for adventurers who enjoy trekking in subfreezing conditions. Although it can get down to minus 15 degrees in the winter during the months of January and February, the best time to hike is from May to June when the temperature is more bearable between minus 1 and minus 5 degrees.

If you want to go on a snow trek in bitter cold, the months of November through February are the best in the Brahmatal. Between minus 1 and minus 5 degrees Celsius are the temperature ranges for November and December, while minus 5 to minus 15 degrees Celsius are the temperature ranges for the coldest months of January and February.

When to go to Brahmatal is best

If you enjoy skiing and are up for a challenging hike, visit Brahmatal in January or February when the temperature hovers between minus 5 and minus 15 degrees Celsius. If the Brahmatal temperatures in January and February are too chilly for you, you can go on the trek in November and December when the temperatures are more bearable and range  making it an exciting time to see the Brahmatal.

If you want to tickle your adventurous side by hiking and camping in the snow, Brahmatal, one of the best winter treks in India, is a must-visit trek. From the incredible height of 12,100 feet, you can also take in the stunning view of the Roopkund Trek. The months of March through June are the best times to visit Brahmatal because the weather is pleasant and the temperature is ideal. If you’re looking for a trek that will provide you with lush greenery and colourful fauna, this is the time to go.

As you make your way to the summit, you’ll pass through pink and violet rhododendron and oak forests while taking in breath-taking views of snow-capped mountains.

The Brahmatal Trek takes place from December to February.

The Brahamtal trek is a well-known traditional winter trek. It is regarded as the ideal location for winter trekking because you can see the frozen lakes that are so thrilling and mesmerising snow-capped summits. In January, there is a lot of snow on the Brahmatal walk, and the snow gets deeper as you go higher. This makes trekking in the Brahmatal more exciting and enjoyable. This location would appeal to snow lovers.

The days and nights are both cool at Brahmatal Trek during the winter. 

March to May is the time for the Brahmatal Trek

After March, the trail has less snow and only a few small patches of snow are still visible. From April to June, there is no snow at the Brahmatal Trek. At this time of year, the gorgeous pink rhododendron also blooms, enhancing the beauty of the trek. The appearance of the oak forest is improved, and you get a panoramic view of the mountains, valleys, and meadows.

While it’s pleasant outside during the day at the Brahmatal Trek, it gets chilly at night, and the temperature rises as you go higher. The temperature could vary from 10 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius at night or in the early morning.

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