Benefits of Australian PR Visa

In recent times, Australian PR Immigration is loaded with visa applications. People from different parts of the world want to visit Australia in search of jobs, business, opting for medical services etc. The Journey of a visa applicant doesn’t end with visa approval. All Non-Australian citizens have certain restrictions. Visa is just the entry pass to enter the boundaries of Australia. The next step in the journey of Australia is How to Get Australian PR. Basically, PR stands for Permanent Residency. Having a PR visa have certain benefits –

1. Full Working Rights –

PR visa holders enjoy the benefits of full working rights. You are free to work in any industry or under any employer wherever you want. If we compare the PR visa with the employer-sponsored visa. The employer-sponsored visa holder is restricted to working anywhere, these candidates can only be allowed to work under the specific employer who sponsored them for the job.

2. Life Time Validity –

Australian holders are allowed to live in Australia for N number of years which means they can live in Australia for as many as years they want, there are no restrictions regarding the same. The first slot of the PR visa is valid for 5 years but you can renew this for another 5 years by just applying for the PR renewal.

3. Sponsor other family members –

Australian PR Visa holders can sponsor their loved ones to visit Australia. These visa holders enjoy the power of calling their relatives like spouse, parents, and siblings to live with them in Australia.

4. Quality Medical Services –

Australian PR visa holders are allowed to surf free public hospital care, subsidiaries on costly medical services etc. These visa holders can opt for medical insurance facilities launched by the Australian government under special schemes. 

5. Education Loan –

People with a financial crunch can opt for quality education by applying for an education loan, PR visa holders have full access to such facilities. You just need to fulfil the criteria for getting the education loan. PR visa holders are eligible for the loan settlement in case they are unable to pay the debt on time.

6. Australian Citizen

As a PR visa holder, you are not allowed to vote during the elections. For participating in the election, you need a permanent Australian citizenship batch. After getting the PR next step is to go for the Australian citizenship tag. For this, you need to stay in Australia for four years with any visa plus one year stay with a PR visa which means a total of 5 years.

7. Children

Being the child of a PR visa holder is like a privileged. PR visa holder children’s born in Australia automatically got Australian citizenship.