3 Famous Types of Logos for Exclusiveness

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There are several types of logos, each with its unique characteristics and purposes. One of the most common types is the wordmark or logotype, which incorporates the brand name in a stylized font. Icon or symbol logos use a recognizable symbol or graphic to identify the brand. A combination mark incorporates both a symbol and text to create a distinct logo. Mascot logos feature a character or animal that represents the brand’s personality or story. Emblem logos contain all elements within an emblem shape, often used for labels, pins, or bottle tops. Lastly, abstract logos use geometric shapes or lines to create a unique and memorable design.
Understanding the different types of logos can help businesses choose the best one that aligns with their brand values and goals. Explore the information shared below to make the most of your upcoming brand identity.

1- Mascot Logos
Although mascot logos can be entertaining and relatable, they are not suitable for every brand. To determine if a mascot logo is appropriate for your brand, consider whether your brand story features an individual or a distinctive personality. It can be depicted as either illustrated or simplified versions of the ideal customer or the individual that inspired the brand’s inception. The first mascot logo of this type was the Michelin Man. However, it’s important to note that merely featuring an animal in your logo does not necessarily qualify it as a mascot logo. They must possess a unique personality and a backstory. Furthermore, you can utilize LogoDesignServicesUSA to incorporate the mascot into merchandise design and product manufacturing, such as plush toys and figurines.

2- Emblem Logos
Emblem logos are designs that incorporate all elements within an emblem shape, and brands that use them usually do not have other logo variations. They are ideal for labels, pins, bottle tops, or any small space where the logo needs to fit. They are also memorable and intriguing. The design can range from a basic composition of symbols and a stylized abbreviation contained within a captivating outline to an elaborate artwork featuring meticulous elements. If you desire your brand to attain a legacy level, it is a good choice. A well-crafted logo is timeless, sophisticated, and perfect for producing stickers. To make the words stand out, use text effects and ensure there is a good contrast between shapes and letters.

3- Letters Inside Shape Logos
The logos that feature words inside shapes are similar to emblems, but the level of complexity sets them apart. This logo style aims to enhance a wordmark or lettermark by incorporating it within a shape. In comparison, an emblem is similar to a combination mark, while a letter within a shape is similar to a wordmark. Brands can choose any shape that aligns with their purpose and story, allowing for limitless possibilities. For instance, Domino’s Pizza uses a domino as its shape, and Pfizer resembles a pill. Choosing a shape that supports the brand’s backstory can add depth to the logo. When considering this shape logo, businesses should consider which shape could best represent their brand and complement the logo’s narrative.